„A magic dwells in each beginning,

protecting us, telling us how to live.“

Hermann Hesse


This page will give you many answers to questions you may not even have asked yourself. We also prepared a little video for you on some topics. In any case, we want to help you here with infos, tips and useful notes. This page is constantly amended and extended. Please read this page carefully. It is the best preparation for the 24-Hour Extreme adventure that lies ahead of you as an Extreme Walker, Extreme Runner or Extreme Cyclist! If you cannot find “your” question or it hasn’t been answered in sufficient detail, please e-mail us or call us. We are extremely looking forward to hearing your “additional inquiries", because they help us further develop this page. Thanks!



How and where do I register?

Via the Pentek online registration link:  Register for the 24H Tour 2018 - sorry we are full!

(Online registration via www.pentek-payment.at – a service by Pentek timing GmbH. Fees are invoiced on behalf of and for account of the organizer. Pentek timing GmbH acts as an intermediary and as operator of the registration portal.)

Immediately after your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your bib number. Please print out this registration confirmation and bring it along when you pick up your starter pack! If there is nothing in your inbox, please check your spam folder.



How much does it cost to participate in the 24-H Extreme Tour 2018?

The standardized entry fee is 64 euros!

The entry fee includes:

24 Stunden Burgenland Extrem Starter package* with – as always! – enormous and valuable goodies:

- 24 H Backpack

- 24 H Start label with start numer

- 24 H Tour Cap with inner fleece

- 24 H Tour-Guide

- 24 H Tour Neck tube

- 24 H Fold a Cup

- 24 H Tour Pin 2018

- 24 H Certificate

- 24 H Finisher-Award Original / Final / Lakemania

- 24 H Sponsoring-Goodies


24 Stunden Burgenland Extrem bracelet** as proof

- for free supply with food and water&hot tea before and during the event

- 24H Tour-Hotline and Shuttle-Services for free!


+ One of Three Early Bird Goodies – depending on the application time

1. Offer for  FREE 24H Extrem-HOODY*  (closing date 2017, October 12., 24.00)

2. Offer for  FREE 24H Extrem-T-SHIRT* (Oktober 13., 00:01 up to October 24., 24.00)

3. Offer for  FREE 24H Extrem-Backpack-SafetyCover* (October 25., 00:01 up to December 14., 24.00)


The trip to your start location and accommodation are not included in the entry fee!  ;-)



Where do I check in? Where do I get my starter pack?


Starter pack:

Thursday, 25th January 2018 from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, 26th January 2018 from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Oggau town hall, Hauptstraße 52, 7063 Oggau


FINAL TRAIL Apetlon - Oggau

Starter pack:

Thursday, 25th January 2018 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, 26th January 2018 from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Weinzettl inn, Quergasse 20, 7143 Apetlon



Starter pack:

Thursday, 25th January 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Oggau town hall, Hauptstraße 52, 7063 Oggau


Please bring your registration confirmation when you pick up your starter pack!


Starter packs (and Free-Early Bird-Goodies) are only handed out at the mentioned locations and on the respective dates. Sending them by mail before, during or after these dates is unfortunately not possible. Starter packs and Free-Early Bird-Goodies that aren’t been picked up will be adapted by us and handed over to a charity organization.



Can I choose a different trail or start location after I have registered?

Your starting position is unfortunately not transferable to another start location or a different person.



I have been looking forward to this event for weeks – I signed up, my backpack is packed and ready, but unfortunately I cannot start after all. What happens now?

We hope you understand that we cannot refund your entry fee.

We recommend taking out cancellation insurance by ticking the box when you register.



When do we start? Where and when do we start?

The start locations and start times vary.

- The Original Trail Friday 26, Oggau at 4:30 a.m.

- The Final Trail: Friday 26, Apetlon at 9:30 a.m.

- The 224-Mile Lakemania: Thursday 25, Oggau at 12:00 a.m.


Please arrive to your start location on time. The last participant who crosses the starting line concludes the starting phase. Late starters are not possible, no exceptions!



Parking in Oggau

It's best to park your car at the parking lot at Freibad Oggau. Please arrive in time. From there to the municipal office Oggau you need on foot about 20 minutes. But we will also set up a small shuttle service Freibad - Municipal office from 02.00 - 04.00 for you. ;-)


Parking in Apetlon

In Apetlon there are plenty of parking spaces around the starting point "Gasthaus Weinzettl"!




We'll bring you back for free after the tour and of course during the tour (if you can not / will not go any further) back to the respective starting place!



Is there a communal starter breakfast again?

Of course! The 24-Hour Extreme towns Oggau and Apetlon invite us all to a good breakfast. After the communal morning meal, and after the remaining starter packs have been handed out (please bring your registration confirmation under all circumstances!), we are off to a collective start!


Breakfast times – depending on start location:

Oggau Original-Trail from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. (Friday 26th January)

Apetlon Final-Trail from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (Friday 26th January)

Oggau 224 Meilen Lakemania from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (Thursday 25th January)



Will we start in any weather? Will the start date definitely not be postponed due to bad weather?

Yes, we definitely start IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WEATHER! Whether there is a storm, whether it snows, rains frogs or an entire company of polar bears marches in – we are starting. Please prepare thoroughly and adapt your packing lists to the weather forecast.



Is the route marked? Can I get lost?

You will find marking arrows at all major waypoints – especially along the cross-country sections in Hungary. Maps and an outline of the route are included in the starter package. The trail is mainly along the B10 cycle route.



Are there GPS data of the 24-H Tour?

Yes. This route is binding and includes all lab stations and is suitable for WALK/RUN and BIKE. 24 Stunden Burgenland Extrem Tour - GPS



When does the event end?

The official end of the event, and the end of our provisioning and assistance service, is:

- Original and Final Trail Saturday, 27th January 2018, 2:00 p.m.!

- 224 Meilen Lakemania Friday, 26th January, 12:00 a.m.!



How far do I need to walk/run/cycle?

No matter which trail you choose – Original Trail, Final Trail or 224-Mile Lakemania – you walk, you run and you cycle at your own speed and as long as your legs will carry you and your head is willing – and, of course, no further than the distance that is specified for the respective trail. You don't “have to” walk from Oggau to Oggau, you don’t “have to” cycle around the lake three times... These are just commonly set goals that provide you with the security of being on a supervised route and that help us take good and safe care of you.



I can’t go on – what shall I do?

You can reach Alex, our service coordinator, via our free hotline at all times. If you can't go on, he will get you out of there. We are not letting anyone down – no one gets left behind! And our free shuttle service takes all “Thanks, that’s it for me” participants back to their respective start locations.


Especially for cyclists: We have our own bike-support teams along the route for you and your bike that will assist you if you have a technical breakdown. If your bike can’t be repaired on the spot, we will take you and your bike back to your start location Podersdorf safely and soundly. Please prepare yourself – and your bike – well for the 224-Mile Lakemania. Please also make use of our free bike check. More details about this service to come soon.


Let us mention our small service restrictions here:

The service vehicles are not driven by emergency surgeons or doctors.

They are steered by friends of ours who are supporting us on a voluntary basis. Please do not overtax our boys/girls with serious injuries!

If you have an actual emergency that requires immediate medical attention, please call an ambulance (144) or the European emergency number (112) right away!

Please be patient when you call for our assistance/provision service. With 14 vehicles on a circuit of 120 kilometers, it can take a while until “Help” or “Food” arrives!  By the way, during all our Tours so far, there haven't been any serious injuries. Please look out for each other – we want to see you all again safe and healthy in Oggau!



What's the number of the 24-H service hotline?

You can find the 24-hour hotline number in your TourGuide, which is part of the starter pack. Tip: Save the number to your mobile phone as soon as you get the starter pack!



Will I have to go hungry & thirsty?

In terms of food, we are an extreme tour of culinary delights...

So far, our stationary refreshment stations were always highly praised, and our mobile service fleet also provides you with high-quality tea, drinks and fresh food around the clock.

We are still working on the site plan with the current refreshment stations and provisioning times. We will provide this information soon.

But please keep in mind that you also have to bring your own provisions for about one or two hours.

You should at least have some tea and a few energy bars in your backpack...



What will I wear? Which shoes?

We are walking/running/cycling for 24 hours (often more – rarely less) in the winter through a beautiful, but also freezing landscape. There is hardly any protection against the wind along the route.

For walkers/runners, we recommend light and waterproof sports or trekking shoes; we don’t recommend heavy mountain boots. What is important is that your shoes have good shock absorption. If your shoes are new, you definitely have to break them in first! Please wear wind- and water-resistant clothes and according to the multi-layer (“onion”) principle, with one additional warm piece of clothing in your backpack for your breaks. And please also keep in mind that it is significantly colder during the night phase!  The same goes for all cyclists. A warm jacket, long pants (maybe lined) and a balaclava under your helmet protect you against the freezing cold and wind chill. Please also think about the exposed areas of skin, which you should treat with a good oil-based cream as a precautionary measure. If the trails are icy, we recommend studded tires!



The packing list! Or: What do I absolutely have to bring for my 24-Hour Extreme Tour 2018?

On a long-distance tour, every ounce counts. So take as little as possible but as much as necessary!


Minimum packing list for all participants (walkers/runners/cyclists):


- Passport/ID card

About 40 kilometers of the route are in Hungary!


- Warning vest

This is compulsory in Hungary in the dark! It is also a safety bonus if the weather is bad!


- Backpack with thermos bottle, tea and provisions for at least 2 hours. Hydration bladders – even the ones with insulated drinking tubes – freeze in low temperatures...


- Additional clothing for the significantly colder night hours and a rain cover!


- Head lamp with fully charged batteries

Important for orientation at night or in bad weather!


- First-aid package with silver foil!


- Mobile phone with fully charged batteries

Important for staying in contact with us or to be able to organize help!

An additional power bank – carried near the body – provides additional supply security!


Additional packing list for cyclists:


- Front and back lights with appropriate luminosity!

Please no teeny-tiny fancy-pancy flashing lights; they only put your own and other road users’ safety in danger!


- Wear a Helmet!

Whether you arrive with a collapsible bike or you ride a 10,000-euro mountain bike – please protect your head!



Hey, 224-Mile Lakemania sounds real cool. Do I need a special bike for that?

Generally, all bikes can start.

MTBs, racing bikes, cross bikes, touring bikes with or without e-motor, collapsible bikes, penny-farthings and unicycles... Did we forget a type? At the 224-Mile Lakemania, everyone rides at their own speed too! Non-competitive – just like the two other trails.  Please note: The route around Lake Neusiedl doesn’t only consist of paved roads. The Tour sometimes follows gravel paths, and along some sections – depending on the weather – it is difficult to ride a bike. From our point of view, an MTB or a cyclo-cross would be the best choice – especially in wintry conditions.

The decision is all up to you! :-)



MOST IMPORTANTLY: Boundless motivation and a love of walking – a love of running – a love of cycling!


Who exactly are your 24-H Ambassadors and what do they do?

Our 24-H Extreme Ambassadors are an important part of our 24-H team!

They help us distribute flyers and posters.

They write articles and do press-related work.

They represent us in various message boards and in actual countries.

They make sure everyone is in a good mood before and during the Tour.

They are our valuable advisors and appreciative admonishers.

They challenge and support us.

They are there for us – even late at night. AS VOLUNTEERS!


And yes, we really do have an extremely magic touch in the choice of our24-H Ambassadors...


Germany: Susi Faber

Hungary: Norbi Ivánkovics

Switzerland: René Nüesch

Slovakia: Marian Hornak

Lower Austria: Monika Fücsek

Vienna: Christian Weingartner

Styria: Franz Lang

Carinthia: Dominik Pacher and Alexander Radin

Upper Austria: Andreas Gindlhumer

Tyrol: Mathias Astner

Ambassador: Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

Tour Service Coordinator: Alexander König

Mobility: Erich Horvath

Dog Supporter: Albert Steiner


Extreme thanks to you all!


Would you like to volunteer and help us in the 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour Backstage Area? Write or call us!

We are happy about every helping hand and every thinking head – that is you!

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