In order to spare you any unnecessary hassle when you are looking for accommodation, we prepared a SEARCH & BOOK link for you together with Neusiedler See Tourismus. This is where you can find suitable accommodation – depending on your start location and budget. Please book your room in time. In our experience, the beds close to the start locations are fully booked very quickly. Take a look at the map of the Lake Neusiedl region to find a neighboring town with available accommodation.

We are happy to help with the room search...


Tourismusinfo OGGAU   Tel +43 2685 77 44


Tourismusinfo APETLON   Tel +43 2175 240 43


Tourismusinfo RUST   Tel +43 2685 502


Tourismusinfo MÖRBISCH   Tel +43 2685 84 30


Tourismusinfo ILLMITZ   Tel +43 2175 23 83


Tourismusinfo NEUSIEDL AM SEE   Tel +43 2167 2229


Tourismusinfo PODERSDORF AM SEE   Tel +43 2177 2227



Hotels in RUST (4 driving minutes to Oggau)

Hotel Katamaran  Tel +43 2685 24680

Hotel Sifkovits  Tel +43 2685 20460

Hotel am Greiner  Tel +43 2685 6418

Seehotel Rust Tel +43 2685 3810

Hotel am See Rust Tel +43 2685 20495


Hotel in HEGYKÖ

Hotel Tornacos Tel +36 99 540 200



Booking platform of the Neusiedler See Tourismus:



We wish you a safe arrival and a good night’s sleep before your start!


Tipp: When you book a room for the short night before the start, don't forget your need for sleep after the Tour. You will be extremely tired. Please do not drive a car in this state. Treat yourself to another overnight stay instead!



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