“Life is not a sprint. It is an extreme road

with ups and downs, culminating

in pleasant exhaustion...”


The uniting 24-H spirit – “LIVE LOVE MOVE” – brings together extreme athletes and ultra-athletes, pilgrims, long-distance hikers, recreational athletes, exercise beginners, young and old, women and men from all regions and nations who want to feel the limits of their physical capacity, to tap the potential of their willpower, to experience themselves and others in extreme situations in a non-competitive environment – in a joyful density and an appreciative atmosphere that has become rare in our times.


The 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour is a huge adventure, a road to new experiences, life-long friendships and also a path to yourself.



„Move with passion, courage and glory“


Every participant is a building block of this Tour and, with each (pedal) step and with each action, he or she shapes the special 24-Hour spirit of movement: individual responsibility, self-assessment, joy, team spirit and a willingness to help, and also the courage to give up.


The route around Lake Neusiedl, the 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour, is often called the path of life. We are happy to hear that.

But make the route your own path. Make it your path of life. We want you to experience this magical moment!


We invite you to take this path with us. The whole distance, or part of the way. Sign up as a 24-Hour Extreme Walker or Runner and share with us the 24-Hour Extreme Spirit: LIVE LOVE MOVE.



„Heaven & Hell. Our story.“


Even though the 24-Hour Tour is heaven and hell at the same time for many people, it neither fell from the heavens nor ascended from hell. Well, why don’t you read it for yourself, the painful starting drama of our Tour and how it came about...


Josef (perceptively asking) _ When we trudged around Lake Neusiedl in the winter a few years ago just for fun, starting in Oggau, none of us dreamed that our “first ascent” would have such a broad impact, did we?


Michael (very thoughtfully) _ When we hobbled into the inn in Apetlon late at night, people looked at us as like the three of us had escaped from a specialist orthopedic clinic.


Tobias (shivering) _ You know, with our headlamps, they thought we were Cyclopes, seriously.


Josef (patiently, amicably) _ I’m talking about the broad impact, my friends!


Tobias (honestly, spontaneously) _ Yeah, all right! The pain was spreading from my knees downward and upward. I only thought, I don’t need a pain pill, I’ll take the whole pack...


Michael (unemotionally, chilly) _ Yeah right, we made ourselves at home in the heated foyer of the Raiffeisen bank and changed our blistering plasters. We briefly fought about the bench there. Josef just kept stammering, “My bench. My bench.”


Tobias (euphorically, then subduedly) _ And I wanted to cook a soup, but there was no water.


Michael (viciously, cholerically) _ Because you and your common sense, you bought everything at the Billa supermarket – except water.


Tobias (shrewishly, defiantly) _ Now that’s just mean. We talked about this at great length all the way back to Oggau and we agreed not to speak about it anymore.


Michael (mockingly, arrogantly) _ You still remember that? Because I remember that after Neusiedl you were on your last legs...


Tobias (really very angry) _ Now that's a real low blow. Yes, of course, because you spoiled our 24-hour average. You begged every second morning commuter for a ride. We dragged you back to Oggau in a Billa shopping bag...


Josef (delicately, quietly, urbanely) _ You are such idiots.


Tobias (confidently) _ Okay, we never talked about it in public, but this is exactly how the idea of the 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour was born.


Michael (openly, honestly) _ I'm sure no one believes us the thing about the Billa supermarket and the Raiffeisen bank now – but that's exactly what happened. And today, these businesses – along with many others – sponsor the 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour. Brilliant!


Josef  (reciting) _ National and international print media coverage of the Tour around Lake Neusiedl has really been much more than "just” favorable right from the beginning. They wrote about “Conquering the Lowland Summit” and the “March of Their Lives”. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF even produced a documentary that was aired nationwide.

Around 60 participants took part in first official Tour in the year 2012. In 2019, the Tour already had 5100 participants. Germans from the Ruhr area, young sports students from Hungary, civil servants from Graz, entrepreneurs from Vienna, experienced pilgrims from Burgenland, extreme athletes, morning grouches, nighthawks, political scientists, historians, dropouts, masters of the art of living, graphic artists, technicians, and many other endearingly crazy men and women. We are especially looking forward to all participants who want to experience the 24-Hour Burgenland Extreme Tour for the first time.


Movement. Encounters. Growth. Enjoying walking/running connects people.


Tobias (inquiringly, dreamily) _ I wonder how many will come to the Tour 2020?


Michael (cluelessly) _  No clue, but there’s at least three of us. And if you, and you, and of course you, come along, there’ll be even more of us!


24-Hour Burgenland Extreme is a very special event – for very special people – for very special partners – for very special sponsors.






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